My Journey Through Pregnancy

Lets be honest begin pregnant is a blessing and a curse. You get to experience the joys of carrying a child like feeling them kick and hearing their heartbeat. Now being pregnant has it’s pros but it also has its cons like morning sickness, weight gain, and mood swings. But by the end of the 9 months you get the best joy of all and that’s your child. I would have to say no two pregnancy stories are the same. So I would like to share mine with you.

It was maybe my 3rd or 4th week of my 2nd year in college and I knew something was off (come on it’s my body I should know if something’s not right….right?). I could feel it. I constantly felt sick and it just wouldn’t stop. I told my boyfriend that I something was wrong so we took a trip to Walmart. I was scared and didn’t want to believe I was pregnant, so I bought 3 pregnancy tests just to be sure. Anyway, so I go back to my dorm room and I take all three and they all read the same thing (Positive). First thing that came to my head was my mom is going to kill me. That’s all I could think about. I wasn’t worried about school or anything else for that matter.

*skipping ahead a few weeks*

I finally go to a clinic to find out how far along I am and they told me 8-11 weeks (that’s one hell of an estimate). My boyfriend and I got to hear or child’s heartbeat for the first time. You could see it all over his face that it was real, we were pregnant (yes, it’s a we thing).

Well my pregnancy went on but school did not, unfortunately I had to leave but I wasn’t really upset about it. After leaving school I moved in with him just to make things easier on both of us (actually in the beginning it was because I didn’t want to move back in with my mom)

Maybe a few days after I moved in with him I went to tell my mom the knew (can’t really remember all the details). It’s funny was I was getting ready to tell her she asked me if I was pregnant. I guess she thought I was joking when I said yes. She knew I was pregnant before I could even tell her, talk about a mothers intuition. She was upset in he beginning but she soon began to accept it.

So from then on things continued to progress. My boyfriend really stepped up to bat. I’d never seen a man go from being goofy to serious so quickly. It was amazing, just goes to show you how much he cared about the baby.

As months went by I blew up like a ballon and became more and more irritated. Simple things would make me go from happy to sad to something else in a snap, but no matter what he was there. I may have pissed him off more than once but I’m glad he stuck around.

During my pregnancy I watch all these videos of caring for a newborn, birthing methods,breastfeeding and anything else that could find to help me raise a baby. I mean I had people to help me with my baby but I just HATE asking for help.

I mapped out my birthing plan it late March. I was definitely ready for our baby. I had done a lot of research on birthing method, birthing center, and hospitals. I was determined to have a natural water birth at the hospital and NOTHING was going to change my mind….or so I thought.

On April 17 (the day of my baby shower’s…yes I had 2, but let’s focus on the 2nd one) I went into early labor. During the whole baby shower I just couldn’t sit still. Sitting down made the pain worse. I was happy that most of my close family and friends had made it and brought something for the baby. I got everything diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes, blankets, towels, toys, and anything else you could name. My mother had cooked everything for the baby shower….minus the cake (store bought cake….but it was beautiful). This was the one day my moms cooking looked so good and I just couldn’t eat. My swollen feet and aching body made it hard for me to eat anything so I just nibbed on fruit salad…which didn’t make it any better. Once the baby shower had ended my boyfriend and I packed everything into the car and headed home. I was so tired I put away everything and just went to sleep.

Around 1am that morning he woke, telling me we have to go. Honestly I didn’t see why…that is until I fully awakened and felt the pain. He woke me because I had been groaning nonstop for a while and he knew it was almost time. We grabbed our hospital bags and the car seat and went on our way.

When they checked me into the hospital I was already 6cm dilated and the pain kept getting worse. I didn’t last no more than an hour before I caved and got the epidural. After that I slept like baby.

Around 6:57am we welcomed our baby girl Aniya into the world. It was a very heartfelt moment for me. I was happy I got to see my little girl alongside her father.

Our daughter is almost 10 months and crazy as ever but we love her.

*my pregnancy was actually a high risk. I had a low placenta than was blocking my cervix. But everything turned out alright*

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