Healers I know your pain (Overwatch Mercy)


Ever tried to heal a whole team of tanks and you’re the only healer? Well, I have and it’s hard. You have teammates that all want to be healed at the same time, and if someone dies its your fault right? No, it’s not your fault you do what you can to heal who you can. If they have a problem with it then they will just have to deal with it.

It’s apparent that no one likes to see the error in their ways when they aren’t getting healed. For instance, if I’m Mercy, and I’m trying to heal you why would you go into a building out of my sight and try to fight someone when you are already low health? Now I have to make the decision either to follow you and, possibly die or heal someone near me that is in my line of sight. In the end, healing is not for the faint of heart. It is the most difficult task on Overwatch and not everyone can do it. Not to mention you have to constantly run from hero’s such as Tracer, Pharah, Ginji and whomever else can get around your team evasively. Have to be very selective on when to take out your pistol its like choosing between letting a teammate die or defend yourself.(Tuff decisions right?)

To keep a long story short, everyone needs a healer and they will surely die a lot faster without one. As much as they complain they will complain more when they don’t have a healer. Stay strong and stick to it, every comp could use a healer and it’s not for the faint of hearts. I wouldn’t have it any other way on who I play it makes the game more exciting, and remember everybody wants to be healed but not everyone wants to do the healing stay, strong healers, I know your pain!. Here are some of my personal pros and cons for when I play Mercy.


  • You keep your team in the fight longer.
  • You may save a life.
  • Will almost always get a gold medal
  • Role is almost always open


  • You will be chased/focused everyone has it out for you.
  • Your teammates will most likely complain when you are healing someone else and not them.
  • If someone dies your wrong, no matter how right you are.
  • Not a lot of damage give or take who you are.
  • Your team won’t always protect you.

What do you guys think of being a healer and some of the Pros and Cons?

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