The Magician

Carter was glad that he finally got to dress up for the Cosplay festival. The Black Magician named Ta’Ron an original character in one of his comics. After last year when he went, he realized he didn’t have to be ashamed that he’s twenty-three and dressed up as a fictional character. If people didn’t like it “so what” he thought, it made him happy. He cut two eye holes in a white bandana he had as the finishing touch to his costume. He went to the mirror to get one final look at himself. Gazing at his dark skin, brown eyes, short black hair, dressed in a black cape, white gloves, a black garb, and his white bandana to cover his eyes. Gave himself a wink, turned off the lights in his apartment, then headed to the roof to get a good look at what shops to go to in the festival.

Once he got up to the roof, he went to the edge of the building, and looked down to the brightly lit streets. Full of cosplayers, shops, and entertainment. Carter began to grin at the sight of it. He started pinpointing everything, and everywhere he wanted to go into the festival. “Ta’Ron makes his appearance to the world, ” he thought out loud. Stepping away to head down to the street, and join the festival. When he walked to the steps, he noticed that the roof elevator doors were opened. “They fixed it?” He asked himself “Saves me the hassle of walking down the stairs.”
He walked into the elevator, and noticed a black and white stuff with a fedora sitting on top of it. “This fits my outfit perfectly, I’m sure the cosplayer who left this here wouldn’t mind if I borrow it for a few.” He put on the fedora and grabbed the staff “I am completely” he yelled ” I sound like a dork” he laughed to himself. He pushed the button to go down to the first floor but the elevator doors didn’t close. “Thought they fixed this thing, ” he kicked at the air. He began pressing all the buttons to see if any of them would get the doors to close, but nothing. That’s when he noticed the weird key turned to the off position. “Meh, won’t hurt to try it, ” he thought while turning the key to the on position. The elevator doors closed immediately.

The elevator doors opened and Ta’Ron stepped out into an ambush. His arch-enemy Hoboken the king of the underworld. A tall creature who resembled a toad, who stood on his hind legs, who was green of skin, wore a black suit, no shoes as his feet were very large, a top hat, and a cane.

“Well, well, well, seems like we have a lost magician among us” Hoboken said in his smooth voice

“I’m surprised you actually got out your seat to do something today Hoboken” Ta’Ron joked

“Where’s my jewels magician”

“I don’t know” Ta’Ron leaped into the air “I guess you’ll have to find them!” Ta’Ron said hitting one of Hobokens minions in the head with his staff while jumping behind him, and taking off into a full sprint outside into the festival.

“Don’t just stand there, get him!” Hoboken yelled at his minions.

Ta’Ron was weaving through the crowd when he noticed Hobokens minions were in pursuit. He turned and eyed one of the minions, snapped his finger and froze his feet. The minion fell face forward onto the pavement. When he turned back around another to his right, Ta’Ron gave him a kick to the forehead. Then he stopped to turn and look at the others in pursuit. Ta’Ron mumbled some magic words, and his staff started to shine. He waved it at the last three minions in pursuit, and froze them all. The crowd started clapping thinking it was a component of the show. Then Ta’Ron noticed a shadow cast over him and the crowd backing away. He jumped out the way right before Hoboken hit the ground.

“I’m done playing magician, return my jewels and I’ll think about not skinning you alive.” Hoboken said in a dangerous manner.

“Awe come on Hoboken, why so serious I was just having a little fun.”

Hoboken dropped his cane, and threw his hat.
“Deal’s off” Hoboken said as he started crouching down low to the ground. He leaped at Ta’Ron with quickness. Landed right on top of him, but it was an illusion.

“Oh come on Hoboken, you can’t fall for everything you see.” Ta’Ron said, clapping from on top of one of the festival booths.

“I’ve had enough of your tricks” Hoboken stood up, took in a deep breath. His stomach started expanding, and he started spitting acid at the festival stalls. Ta’Ron started freezing the acid as fast as he could, but he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long before someone got hurt.

“Okay, Hoboken I’m right here.” Ta’Ron came out behind Hoboken ready for a full on engagement. “This is between me and you leave them out of it”

“At long last, we’re getting somewhere” Hoboken smiled.

They gazed at each other in silence. Then Ta’Ron started his magic words, and Hoboken started taking a deep breath.

“Sir, are you all right? You must of fell asleep while you were stuck in the elevator.” a man said, tapping Carter awake “Tried to get you out as fast as we could, but these elevator doors are something else”


Another short story that I wanted to get out in less than 1ooo words. This one was rough… didn’t want it to go over a 1000 words but to get exactly what’s I wanted it would have been well over a 1000 words. But had to stop dwelling over it, otherwise I would’ve never moved on. Let me know what you think in the comments, any tips will be appreciated.

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