Georgina’s Encounter with the Void

Georgina walked down the dark passage, the corridors unnervingly quiet. She looked around cautiously, ready for anything. While traversing the narrow passageways she heard a terrible screech. She raised her runeblade ready to strike, but even she knew there was no way she could adequately fight in such a small area with the huge blade she bore. Again, the blood curdling screech echoed throughout the passage.                            

She had to think fast, whatever it was, it was big and it was coming fast. Georgina looked behind her, wondering if she could go back the way she came, but it took her hours of walking to get where she was now, it would be nearly impossible. “RELINQUISH THE FLESH, JOIN US.” A horrible voice said, replacing the screeches heard throughout the passage.

She turned towards the direction of the sounds, prepared for the worst.            There was no escape, she had to fight this thing here and now. She stood ready as the walls began to tremble. The dark walls began to collapse in front of her, revealing a huge, dark room that was not there before. She looked ahead into the gaping darkness, realizing that she was in fact in a labyrinth.

Maybe the monster was its guardian she thought, traversing the rubble. Georgina called out “Are you intelligent? Can you speak!?”. The room began to shake. “Georgina Taylor, your coming has been foretold. Join us.” The voice said seemingly all around her.

“Join you? No, I came here to slay you, now show yourself!” The room glowed with a purple energy, Revealing a large rotating portal in the room, much larger than anything she had ever seen before. “Is this where you hide? are you afraid?” She said looking into the portal seeing nothing but pure darkness. “Afraid? No, but decline our request and you will know what it is like to feel fear, mortal.” The voice said from beyond the portal. “Many other great heroes have traveled here and all have fallen to the void.”

Georgina smirked, “Well sorry to disspoint you, but I’m no ordinary hero, and I will not be coming to the Void. “Very well.” The voice said, seemingly trailing off. “EVISCERATE HER!” The voice roared. The portal began to pulsate, releasing four figures. 

The rooms purple haze was pierced by their red eyes. Each began to stand on their horribly mutilated legs. Georgina looked in horror as she began to  figure out who they were. “Th- The legendary four!” she said, surprised. “How? You all went missing, there is no record of your deaths in the history books….have you fallen to what lies beyond that portal?”  The figures all spoke as one, “We did not fall, warrior.” Each raised their respective weapons, “We have ascended, join us. Relinquish the flesh.

Georgina looked up to the legendary four, Their tales were told throughout the world, their legends spanning continents in tales of heroism and valor, but now they were nothing more than suffering monstrosities. “I’ll put you out of your misery.” Georgina said. She channeled her energy into her Rune blade, Each symbol lighting up in a green hue. “I will purge you along with this horrible creature!” she said charging at the four.

“She is young.” they said “She will see the true ecstasy that is the void. She sliced at the four from afar, releasing an arcane power, slicing through the air, causing all of their bodies to split. Georgina grimaced at the sound of their bodies crashing to the floor.

“Find peace in the afterlife.” she said, cooling down, relieving the energy from her blade. She began to walk towards the portal. “There is no afterlife. There is only the void.” Georgina was stunned, She turned around to the horrifying sight of the torn bodies of the fallen hero’s began to morph into a single being.

“We are the voidborn, you too will become one with us.” It said, it was an abomination of flesh twisted into movement. She began to charge her runeblade, swinging it immediately at the creature. But it withstood the force of impact. “You may have destroyed our human bodies with your magics, but this is our ascended form, nothing will stop us. You will become us.

The abomination made a twisted advance towards Georgina, grasping her in its tendrils. “Become one….” It said. Georgina began to feel her flesh sear, it was absorbing her. “No….No not like this.” she said, losing energy. “Do not fear child, you will soon see the glory that is this form.” The abomination said, growing around her body until she was completely engulfed by its form.

“This is not how my story ends!” Georgina shouted as an explosion of arcane energy burst from her body, blowing the abomination away with a great force. “What is this!?” The thing said, stunned. “This is my spiritual essence, this is my true power. This is not how I end, you will be purged from this world.” Georgina glowed with a blue aura, this is a power she did not know she had, it was said to only be capable every one thousand years by one person.

She walked towards the beast, her energy tearing away the corrupted flesh of the abomination. It screeched “No! This is not possible! We are eternal! we are immortal! This can not happen!” It screamed as Georgina forced her energy into its body, obliterating it from existence. As the remains of its body began to fade georgina thought she could hear something thanking her. She turned towards the void portal. “Now you too will be purged, show yourself, coward!” she said staring into the darkness. “You are more powerful than we thought.” The voice said from beyond.

“It seems you have more growth….We will return for you when you have awakened all of your power.” The portal began to close. “No! You will not escape!” She said, charging at the portal. It began to get smaller and smaller as she approached. She made a final leap towards the portal and as it was fading she saw something look at her, it froze her body, she was paralyzed, unable to move as the portal faded away. Time passed before she could finally will herself to move. She stood up, the purple haze was gone and so was the room. She was in the middle of a dark field under a full moon. Was all of it an illusion? she thought, or was it all a ploy by whatever lay beyond the portal


(Decided to post this old short story I made for a friend back in highschool, it isn’t the greatest but it keeps the content flowing)


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