Kamina A Tenacious Man (Gurren Lagann)

Kamina, the man the myth the legend, and one of my favorite characters in Anime. Kamina is the Deuteragonist (Could of easily been considered the protagonist) in the anime Gurren Lagann. He was a undeterred idealist who’s stupidity knew no bounds, but that’s what made him my favorite character. From the moment he was introduced at Jiha Village trying to escape to the surface with Simon. Which i must say failed miserably, and was a horrible plan, but hey can’t fault the man for trying right?


Kaminas ambition is what set everything in motion in Gurren Lagann. He wasn’t the brightest character in the Anime, and without Simon at his side he probably would have never made it pass the first couple of episodes alive. From the tunnels of Jiha Village to piercing the heavens. His ambition to be great and to be known is what kept Team Gurren on their adventure.



His fighting spirit could probably only be out did by the older Simon. He advanced very quickly in fighting skill. From the beginning when he first stole him Gunman he was an okay fighter vs foot soldiers. Then when he met Viral he found out he had a lot of work to do so he could be those beyond foot soldiers. He and Simon had to combine to beat Viral because at the time he couldn’t beat Virals Gunman on his own. After a couple of more fights he met Viral again and, he alone was to much for him which proved he was quick at advancing in fighting skill.


Now my favorite moments with Kamina? When he was taunting the priest from Adai Village, I don’t know why but i thought it was hilarious. Every time the priest said something to Kamina, Kamina had a insult to throw at him. That or he tried to taunt him into a fight, all because he felt like the man didn’t have enough fighting spirit to do what Kamina thought was right. Also when he thought Yoko was a surface girl, and thought she was good looking until she said she was from the village next door. At that point he paid her no more attention. Lastly would be the moment when he showed Viral he was just toying with him/stalling so that Simon could take over Dai Gunzan.


Lastly…. One of the most horrific things about Kamina.. His death. It pained me so much when he died that i didn’t finish watching the rest of the season for a couple of weeks because he was my favorite character. His death had me in my feelings, I was ready to write a letter to someone to let them know how i had felt about them building Kamina up just to kill him. Even in the face of death he died his own way. It hurt a lot, (I’m laughing as i write this cause i realized i really was in my feelings), but i got over it and continued the show. Although it wasn’t as good as it was with Kamina it was still a good show to finish. In finishing the show, Kamina got to appear in another episode which surprised me, but i was happy he appeared to send off the crew into the final battle. Just who the hell did you think he was?


Kamina… A Tenacious Man.
“Just who the hell do you think i am?”


These are just my opinions on Kamina from Gurren Lagann. If you’ve seen this show what are some of your favorite moments in the show? Or your favorite characters?

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