Beyonce Vs. Basketball

Beyonce just released some photos depicting that she is pregnant with twins.  In this situation there are three different types of people or reactions: ones who are excited, ones who are bothered by the attention she is getting, or the ones who simply don’t care. I am the latter however I do believe some of the hate is unwarranted and unjustified. I feel qualified to talk about this subject because I’m in an unbiased stance.

Before I go any further I want to let it be known that this is not an anti-Beyonce piece. I actually want to explain why people have an attachment with musicians and Beyonce is nearly an example I am using because she is popular and trending. However for those who aren’t familiar with Beyonce let me get you acquainted with her.

Beyonce is a singer, songwriter and actress. Her rise to fame was being the lead singer of an R&B group called Destiny’s Child. She then pursued a very successful solo career while the group was on a hiatus.As a solo artist she sold oner 17 million records in the US and over 100 million worldwide. She has a total of 6 solo studio albums and new lullaby album coming soon. She has won 20 Grammy awards in her career making her one of the most honored artist. She also received a nomination for her acting in dreamgirls, the dreamette biopic. With such an accomplished With such an accomplished person like this it is easily understood why her fans(commonly known as the Bey-Hive) swarms to their queens rescue whenever someone says something offensive about her.

At first this annoyed me somewhat to be honest. Why are they all people act like they know her and defending her so vigorously. I didn’t have the real answers until Super Bowl Sunday that rooting for your favorite sports team and celebrity whether it is singer or actor are very similar.

In this age of social media people can feel connected to other people they have never met. Coupled with her music you can actually feel connected to her. Her music tells a story, often hers or spreads a message which is generally an empowered one. The ability to live vicariously through someone in this time is a lot easier and is no different from when sports fans get excited when their team wins a close game. Both music and sports both evoke emotions for fans.

Sports fans may have regional pride from being from a certain area so they root for the team in that area. I feel it is the same way with music, many people resonate with Beyonce for her being like they whether it’s being black, woman or simply making good music people appreciate it and have pride in their interests.

Before I go any further I want to discuss the absurdity of The National Church of Bey. Yes you read right Beyonce has a Religion called Beyism. I refuse to believe that this is a real thing, maybe its just satire, all I know that it is just weird. I don’t hold this against Beyonce fans because it is just the slim, slim minority that possibly partakes in this.

A lot of sports fans are crazy about the players as well. If you don’t believe me post on facebook or instagram that you think Lebron is better than Kobe or that Steph Curry is overrated. If you have any sports fans on your timeline you would be greeted with arguments or insults from the opposing side; similar to going to facebook and saying the same about Beyonce(which I don’t advise).

People who don’t understand why people would want to watch a bunch of sweaty men run up and down the court because they “aren’t in the game is ridiculous because it can be said about most actions. People root for actors in shows when they aren’t in the show and they know it’s fake. People go to concerts knowing they aren’t the ones who are performing. They are simply indulging in an art.

There are differences in arguing the superiority of one over the other I suppose. Music is totally subjective when you are arguing who’s “better”. Many artists has different messages or lack thereof that appeal to a plethora of people. It is very difficult to argue opinions with someone about music with the intention of changing their opinion. However arguing successful musicians are easier because there are facts to argue. The same could be made with sports but not with such a broad variety. You can only argue players that are around the same skill level. For an example Nick Young, a very solid small forward shouldn’t rank higher than an elite forward such as Kevin Durant on anybody’s list. However if you compare Kevin Durant to the likes of Lebron James you have a fair argument.
If not spending time arguing on social media, fans of both variety may spend real money to support their team or celebrity. Fans may: attend games or go to concerts, wearing jerseys or clothes they endorse, purchasing shoes or albums, it’s all the same. They just want to support someone or something that inspires, entertain and/or something they can live through. I’m not saying don’t argue or state your opinion, just remember that next time you’re in the gym and see somebody shoot a half court shot yelling “curry” while failing to hit the rim you are no better than the person who is screeching Beyonce’s single “Drunk in Love” in the shower. You all are fans just of different people.

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