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I'm an aspiring writer brainstorming and posting my stories online to read.

Born and raised in Detroit!

The Sands of Corruption

  Azriel peered over the gate that separated Vossia from the Corrupted Desert. Despite the numerous stories of souls lost in its magnificent storms or the sightings of terrible monsters […]

Georgina’s Encounter with the Void

Georgina walked down the dark passage, the corridors unnervingly quiet. She looked around cautiously, ready for anything. While traversing the narrow passageways she heard a terrible screech. She raised her runeblade ready to strike, but even she knew there was no way she could adequately fight in such a small […]

The Sky

“Dad?” Elizabeth looked over to her father, lying beside her. “Yeah, hun?” John replied, looking over to his daughter who was playing with grass in one hand and supporting her […]