Building vs Buying a Gaming Computer

Are you looking into buying a computer? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here, well sit tight I’m going to give you the pros and cons of buying and building your very own pc. Well it all depends on whether or not you have a problem building a pc or not, which isn’t a hard thing to do at all in my opinion.

Buying a Gaming Pc

Lets start with buying a gaming pc, of course your looking for something good, great, and maybe something that can handle the top of the line graphic games. Lets use an example of an alienware being sold for $1600, off the bat you’re like “Oh it’s an alienware it has to be good.” For first time buyers/builders this sounds amazing, but lets take a look at whats actually inside that alienware. Pay attention to what’s exactly inside the computer you’re thinking about buying, things can be a little surprising when you look the parts up separately.


  • Finished gaming pc ready for use
  • Professionally put together


  • Could be very pricey
  • Poor Specs
  • Undesired qualifications
  • Looking for a good and affordable pc

Building a Gaming Pc

Now, this is my favorite, building a pc is like the best thing to do in my opinion. Buying parts separately is the best route to go unless there is a deal on some combo items which is definitely a great thing to look into as well. Building a pc could be challenging for most, but in my opinion building anything you really want is very exciting itself. When building a computer you get to choose which parts are best for you and your budget. When I built my computer about 3 years I spent about 300 all together and gotten really good results. Also don’t forget to buy a drive, a lot of new builders forget to get a drive your pc won’t function without a operating system. A friend of mine did the same exact thing, ended up bringing his pc over so we(I) could put it together and didn’t buy a drive so just remember to get one of those whenever you can or get one from an old computer no one uses or a friend.


  • Definitely Cheaper
  • learning experience
  • Exactly what you want
  • Possibly a better pc than the one you were going to buy


  • You may not put everything together correctly
  • Could be challenging for others to put together
  • Finding the right parts that are right around your price range

Overall, both these options are different for each person, in my opinion I prefer to build because it’s definitely affordable and you’re not paying for installation fees. You’re searching for specific parts that you want your pc to have and not what someone threw in and just decided to sell even though it may be something good, but it’s not exactly what you want. If you’re someone who just wants a pc and don’t want to bother putting a good one together just buy one but if you’re looking for something really good and affordable I suggest you go the building route I sure you won’t regret your decision.

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  1. PC gaming is usually considered more of a hassle than console gaming, but in exchange for convenience, you get better specs and optimisation. So to me, buying an expensive Alienware computer is like the worst of both worlds, as you get the expense of a PC but none of the simple convenience of a console.


    • You’re completely right console has a simple way of doing things for others convenience, especially those who doesn’t want to put time in building their own. Console can be the cheapest way to go if you’re really just looking for entertainment.

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